Our Story Has Helped So Many

As each day passes I'm constantly looking for strength. To wake up, to shower, to get dress, to plan out my day and some days seem easier than others. Then something reminds me of David whether it's passing a car that looks like his, hearing a song on the radio that he loved to jam to, or even just the random memories that pops into my head. It helps bring me strength sometimes tear!  Today Emily and I got a package in the mail from amazing, encouraging women who all shared how our story impacted their lives. As tears ran down our faces, and I mean many, it got me thinking wow David's bravery touched more lives than I'll ever know or understand. Our story has help so many. I don't want the inspiring feeling that you felt fade away. I read where women had become better wives, better children of God, relationship had rekindled and so on. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! So amazing! I want to encourage you to keep remembering the love and the fight that we went through. It was truly a roller coaster but each moment we shared it together with love, laughter, and strength. I would do anything to have David back but I can't. I can honestly say I don't regret any moments. I made sure to tell him how much I loved him as often as I could. I kissed him and cuddled with him often! I can't do that now but I want to encourage you to do that to your loved ones. David and I never had kids so our time wasn't spend doing mommy daddy duties. I know that takes up a lot of your time but find that time to spend with your spouse. Find the time to encourage each other, love each other, pray together, write each other love letters etc. You get the point. Please keep encouraging Emily and I and they rest of our families. We may not always respond but it brings smiles to our faces.